Validation Based on Facts.

Trust FreightValidate to provide crucial insights into the reliability of carriers and brokers operating in the United States and Canada. Our platform uniquely combines advanced technology with deep industry knowledge, a thorough understanding of 49 CFR regulations, and Public Law 112-141 (MAP-21), along with years of industry experience. We use objective, impartial, and factual data in our FreightValidation process—no predictive analytics, no guesswork, no hypotheticals. Just the facts.

Feature-rich Logistics, Freight Validation Excellence.

Freight Validate Features: Elevate your logistics experience with a suite of cutting-edge tools designed to redefine your vetting process. Explore advanced technology to help verify entities are in compliance with regulations and identify past, present, or potential fraudulent or double brokering threats.

  • Impartial Validation

    Our platform ensures impartial validation, eliminating any bias in the verification process.

  • Factual Validation

    We prioritize factual accuracy, relying on data from diverse sources to ensure that the information is accurate and reliable.

  • Elimination of Gray Areas

    By leveraging a wide range of data sources, we eliminate gray areas in the verification process, providing clarity and confidence in the results.

Neutral and Factually Driven

  • Accessibility

    Our platform is available for carriers, brokers, and shippers, providing a user-friendly experience for all stakeholders in the freight industry.

  • Inclusive Reach

    Covering both the United States and Canada, our platform caters to a broad geographic spectrum, ensuring its availability for users across North America.

  • Comprehensive Support

    Whether you're a carrier, broker, or shipper, our platform is designed to meet the unique needs of each stakeholder in the freight industry.

Accessible to All Industry Parties

  • Principal Place of Business Compliance

    Validates compliance of businesses' principal places of operation.

  • Affiliations with Other MC Authorities

    Verifies affiliations with other MC authorities, ensuring comprehensive oversight.

  • Status of Corporate Filing with Secretary of State

    Validates the status of corporate filings with relevant state authorities, ensuring legal compliance.

Coverage and Compliance Verification

  • Flags for Additional Certificate of Insurance Review

    Provides flags for further review of certificates of insurance, enhancing transparency and risk assessment.

  • Pending Revocation of Authority

    Alerts users to pending revocation of authority, ensuring up-to-date and legal operations.

Insurance and Authority Status

  • Simplicity

    Offers a user-friendly and straightforward process for individuals or companies to become freight validated and assess the validation status of carriers or brokers instantly.

  • Quick Validation

    Provides almost instant results within a second or two, allowing users to efficiently verify the legitimacy of carriers or brokers.

Coverage and Compliance Verification

Know How FreightValidator Works.

Effortless logistics mastery unfolds with our simple 'How It Works' process. Explore our user-friendly interface, understand intuitive steps, and execute confidently for seamless operations. Your journey to logistics excellence starts here.

Step 1

Login to FreightValidate

The "Login FreightValidate" page is the gateway to a comprehensive freight management experience. Whether you're an existing user or new to FreightValidate, this page caters to your needs seamlessly.

Step 2

FreightValidate Validator

The FreightValidate Validator enables users to efficiently identify and vet companies. It also supports making informed decisions, optimizing processes, and ensuring compliance within the dynamic realm of freight management.

Step 3

FreightValidate Validator Search

The "Search by MC/DOT Number" feature in the FreightValidate Validator is a powerful tool crafted to swiftly and accurately provide users with specific company information. This functionality boosts the efficiency of validation processes, enabling users to verify entities' compliance with regulations and identify potential fraudulent or double brokering threats, whether they are past or present.

Insights from the Front Lines: Clients Share Their Journey

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Answers to Your Logistics Queries:
Unveiling Our FAQ Hub.

What is freight validation, and why is it important?

FreightValidation is crucial for minimizing risks, confirming Identity, enhancing transparency, and ensuring higher standards of compliance in logistics operations across the country.

What aspects of freight does your validation service cover?

Our service provides a comprehensive coverage of various aspects crucial to freight operations and compliance. We assess and address company authority, evaluating the legitimacy and authorization status of businesses, carrier & personnel identity, Principal Place of Business Compliance, and more. Additionally, we analyze multiple risk elements, scrutinizing potential risks associated with regulatory compliance and permissions through our data partners.

How does the validation of Carrier and Broker compliance work?

In our commitment to ensuring industry compliance, we employ a thorough process of cross-referencing. This involves meticulously comparing and analyzing openly available data, obtained from various reliable sources, with the comprehensive records maintained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Secretary of State Offices, and other Public Records. By conducting this rigorous verification, we aim to confirm that businesses adhere to regulatory standards, enhancing transparency, and promoting a trustworthy and compliant business environment.

How Does FreightValidate differentiate itself from other Carrier Vetting companies?

1st, Freight Validate is an objective platform that depends on FACTS. Subjective data such as the Number of Inspections, or Length of Time With Authority, etc are not in our opinion in reasons to disqualify a carrier. We look at REAL data that matters. Is the carrier or broker properly organized in the state that they are registered? If the Carrier is Affiliated with other Operating Authority Certificate Holders, has that info been disclosed to FMCSA? Is the Entity in compliance with 49 CFR part 390.5T in regard to Principal Place of Business etc. In other words, Is the Carrier violating any rules, laws or regulations? 2nd, Freight Validate Verifies BROKERS and Carriers - The others really have not tapped into this notion. And our platform includes Carriers & Brokers based in the United States and Canada. Our system is simple and easy to navigate. It really is as simple and entering an MC number or DoT number... thats it.

How does your platform handle the validation of insurance certificates?

We leave Monitoring of Insurance Certificates (COI) to the professionals at MyCarrierPortal, Certificial, and other companies. FreightValidate is in the business of verifying and ensuring the accuracy, compliance, and integrity of freight-related information. It is crucial for minimizing risks, enhancing transparency, and ensuring legal compliance in logistics operations.